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Divinah suffers from multi handicap.

She was born with a double-sided congenital hip dislocation (CHD), also known as infantile hip dislocation which is characterized by an abnormal formation of the hip joint in which the ball at the top of the thighbone is not stable within the socket (acetabulum).

This condition should normally be treated as soon as possible after the birth of the child.

In Divinah’s case it has never been treated which led to, that the hip joints are totally worn now.

Apart from that her feet are deformed, and her knees are not fully flexible.

Her condition was diagnosed recently by Dr. N.P. Vakil, orthopedic surgeon at MP. SHAH hospital in Nairobi/ Kenya (see enclosed documents and x-ray). The examination was paid for by a Danish/German family.

According to Dr. Vakil, neither the expertise to conduct such surgery nor the necessary implants are available in Kenya.

However, the prerequisites for that are met in Denmark, for example at the orthopedic surgery department of Aarhus University Hospital under the leadership of Prof. Kjeld Søballe.

The costs for the surgery of one hip joint amount to appr. DKK 120.000,-

What is Divinah’s background?

Divinah is a foundling. She was abandoned by her biological mother when she was only just a baby.

The reason might have been that many Kenyans believe that a disability is a curse from a supernatural or mysterious otherworldly force.


A study in West Africa found that a common belief was that children with disabilities were inflicted due to a “bad spirit”.


A loving woman found Divinah and took care of her as a foster mother.

This woman died when Divinah was 14 years old. Divinah had to leave the flat where she lived together with her foster mother and, being all alone with no support from a family she had no other choice than to live on the streets.

At some point Divinah was lucky to get a job as data clerk with an NGO that is involved in humanitarian projects and could afford to live in a small apartment.

She became unemployed after that her contract had expired.

Things got worse when Divinah became victim of a gas explosion that led to serious burns on her body.


What is Divinah’s present situation?

Due to her disability which is ever getting worse and her lack of education, her chances of finding a new job are close to zero.

She has no social security whatsoever and she has no family or friends who could support her.

She regularly has malaria attacks and recently became ill with typhoid due to contaminated drinking water.

There is no medical treatment without payment in Kenya. As an ultimate result, some people die because they don’t have the money to be treated.

Divinah lives at bare subsistence level. The money for medical treatment, food and a roof over her head is sponsored through private initiative of persons living in Denmark.

However, her weight has gradually increased now from 38 to 45kg. Also, these figures tell a little bit about her living conditions.

It is doubtful whether she could have survived without external support.

But what does it help?

What are Divinah’s prospects?

There is no future for Divinah unless she underwent surgery and gets well again.

She is helpless in every way, but she believes in God and is full of hope for a better future.

She is an easy pray and has been subjected to street robberies and even rape attempts several times.

Sooner or later she will fall victim to either hunger, illness or assault.

Her suffering will be long and painful.

Please help to prevent this from happening!


Kindly contact us if you want further information or testimony.

Request bank details in case you prefer direct donation.

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